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Intentional Relationships Triad

The Intentional Relationships triad takes a closer look at our Christian relationships and how God uses other people to shape us to be more and more like Jesus.

This triad is designed for 3 people to spend 2-2.5 hours preparing for each 1-1.5 hour session. The sessions need not be weekly, but anything less often than monthly will probably hinder the formation process.

The materials range in difficulty; the hope is that a variety of people will find something worthwhile in each session.

Once you have established a group and a meeting time, you are ready to begin! Remember, you need to set aside time to prepare even before your first meeting. God bless your commitment to growing in your discipleship walk!

Relationship Triad, Session 1

Relationship Triad, Session 2

Relationship Triad, Session 3

Relationship Triad, Session 4

Relationship Triad, Session 5

Relationship Triad, Session 6

Relationship Triad, Session 7

(c) Justin Rossow, 2012

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