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Here are some videos that display metaphor theory at work in preaching.

Invitation to a Journey

This sermon explores a misunderstanding and then a more biblical understanding of discipleship. The sermon is structured after Lowry’s Loop and includes the four metaphor moves for preaching for both the Assembly Line and Journey metaphors.


The Orange Nerf Ball of Salvation

With help from a friend, I explore bodily what it means to receive salvation by grace alone.

There is a combination of metaphors at work here: the first is something like ABSTRACT CONCEPTS ARE OBJECTS, so that “Salvation” can be represented by a Nerf ball, and indeed can be given and received (and even passed on, lost, or shared). The second is the biblical metaphor of the unbeliever as dead in transgressions and sins. We could call that SPIRITUAL STATES ARE PHYSICAL STATES.

Blending ABSTRACT CONCEPTS ARE OBJECTS with SPIRITUAL STATES ARE PHYSICAL STATES helps us draw conclusions about how much–or how little–we are able to cooperate in “receiving” salvation. The conclusions are natural and obvious and affect your reasoning about how salvation works. Even distinct but related domains, like evangelism, conversion, sanctification, etc., will look different when viewed through this lens.

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