window triangle smallSo what is a triad? Just what it sounds like: three people gathered together to grow intentionally in their discipleship.

Triads have specific, topical content that can includes books or sections of books, blogs, videos, sermons, etc. all gathered around a unified theme. The members of a triad interact with the content outside of their time together, and then meet for 60-90 minutes on a regular basis to help the material sink in and take root.

The typical triad is designed to be 4-8 sessions that can be covered one at a time either weekly or bi-monthly. The focused content, short-term commitment, and small number of participants makes triads flexible and impacting at the same time. And because you invite two other people to share an intense discipleship experience with you, lasting relationships are forged.

Triads are most effective when one member of the group has been through the material before. You will also get more out of it the second time around. Triads therefore include the commitment to invite two others to go through the material with you after you have been led through the material by someone else. In this way we also model the truth of the Body of Christ, that we all need each other and support one another, each of us teaching and learning, leading and following.

Choose a triad topic and jump-start your discipleship walk today!

  • Knowing and Sharing Jesus (coming soon[?])
  • Walk through the Old Testament (coming, well, maybe not soon, but hopefully some time)

2 comments on “Triads

  1. Suggested Triad Topic: Truth, Goodness & Beauty

    Creation/Fall/Redemption aspects of Truth/Goodness/Beauty:

    – Truth (Gen 1:1) “In the beginning God…”
    – Goodness & Beauty (Gen 1) and it was good/beautiful (same Hebrew word for both English words)

    Fall (Gen 3:6)
    – Distorted Truth (“tree was to be desired to make one wise”)
    – Distorted Goodness (“tree was good for food”)
    – Distorted Beauty (“tree was a delight to the eye”)

    Redemption (Gen 3 – Rev 21)
    – Phil 4:8 “Finally, brothers, whatever is (True, Good, Beautiful…), think about these things”

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