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Metaphors pervade our thought, our culture, our way of living and interacting in the world. Metaphors permeate Scripture and are central to biblical proclamation. Reading, interpreting, preaching, and living the biblical witness means coming to grips with the metaphors that shape us, both in the text and in the world.

About This Blog

This blog explores metaphor in the Biblical text and in our contemporary culture. The same dynamics shape how we understand both the latest ad campaign and the nature of the Gospel. Being more aware of the interpretive process that most often happens behind the scenes allows us to interpret the biblical text and bring that message to bear on the lives of our hearers with more depth and precision. This a blog intended to raise questions, offer tools, and invite reflection.

About the Author

Justin Rossow is Senior Pastor at St. Luke–Ann Arbor, Stlukeaa.org.  He received his BA with a double major in English and Music from Concordia University­—Ann Arbor (1994) and his MDiv (2003) and PhD in Theology and Culture (2009) from Concordia Seminary—St. Louis, where he has taught pre-seminary, MDiv, and PhD courses related to preaching and metaphor theory.

Justin’s doctoral work focused on developing a narrative approach to metaphor theory for reading the Biblical text and for preaching. He continues to serve occasionally as a guest instructor.

Justin and his wife Miriam rejoice in God’s gift of four children, Naomi, Liz, Kate, and Caleb.

Selected Bibliography

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One comment on “Welcome

  1. Pastor Rossow,

    Having just completed “Thy Will be Done” this Lenten season, I wanted to convey to you my deepest gratitude for the work you put into this! I will keep it for future use in the coming years.

    Blessings to you and your continued ministry,

    Tim Horn

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