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Relationship Triad: Session 2

Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box, The Arbinger Institute

Session 2

Before You Meet

box close upI. Meditate 3-5 times on Romans 7:15-25 this week.

  1. Start with prayer for yourself and for others reading the same verse, that the same Spirit that inspired these words would open your heart and mind to them as well.
  2. Then read (often out loud) and reread, stopping to ponder particular phrases or words. Go back to the same 10-15 verses multiple times in the same week.
  3. Taking notes on what the Word is doing in you is often helpful. If stuck, you can think through questions of the text like does this challenge me? Convict me? Does it promise me anything? How does it point to Jesus?
  4. After chewing on the Word, close with prayer, often turning the same verses you are reading into a prayer back to God.



II. Read the blog “Reading Guide: Leadership and Self-Deception” and write down some observations/reflections.


III. Read
 After you have one through the Reading Guide, read

Leadership and Self-Deception, Part I “Self-Deception and ‘The Box’” and Part II “How We Get In the Box;” highlight and/or take notes for discussion. 


The Day You Meet

  1. Basic relationship building: Name someone you like to be around and why. Name someone you don’t like to be around and why. (Did we mention confidentiality?)
  2. Interact with the material: based on your written notes, what was new to you; what did you question; is there something specific God wants you to hear or know or trust or change?  etc. Did you see any of this going on in your week?
  3. Prayer: Share one specific prayer request others can pray for you during this week. End with John Baillie’s prayer for the 9th morning.

About Justin Rossow

Justin writes and talks at the intersection of Scripture, culture, and metaphor theory. As founder of Next Step Press, he helps people delight in taking a next step following Jesus.

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